Ha Giang - winter tourist attraction

At the end of the year, Ha Giang is an attractive destination thanks to many blooming flowers, cloud hunting season and typical winter weather.

According to statistics of Ha Giang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, by mid-December, the province welcomed about 2.2 million visitors (reaching nearly 150% of the year plan), tourism revenue is estimated at 4.5 thousand. billions dong. Among these, the number of people visiting Ha Giang at the end of the year tends to increase. In March, the province welcomed about 145,00 people, the number of July was 180,000. By November, the number of visitors reached 225,000 and the first half of December was 247,000.

On the occasion of the buckwheat festival on November 27, at many tourist sites in the province such as Ma Pi Leng pass, Lung Cu flagpole, Pao's house, and Tham Ma slope, traffic jams occurred.

Ms. Hoang Thi Vy (30 years old, Ha Giang), owner of a homestay in Dong Van town, said: "In the last months of the year, the number of guests booking homestays has increased significantly. There are guests who book a whole month in advance. Weekends , the homestays are closed".

According to a survey on Travel website, Ha Giang is also a winter destination chosen by 38% of nearly 2,000 VnExpress readers , surpassing other places such as Sa Pa, Moc Chau, Binh Lieu in the North or other sunny and warm places. in the South such as Ho Chi Minh City and Can Tho.

Vu Dang Phuong (25 years old, Thai Binh), who has been a tour guide in Ha Giang for 5 years, said that one of the reasons why Ha Giang attracts tourists is the natural scenery.

"From September to April next year is a golden time to hunt clouds that travel enthusiasts to the northern mountainous provinces cannot miss. Besides, Ha Giang at the end of the year is also the time when flowers bloom. , in which the province's symbolic flower is the buckwheat triangle, " Phuong said.

Ha Giang has famous rattan hunting places such as Tay Con Linh peak - the roof of the Northeast region, Chieu Lau Thi peak, Ma Pi Leng pass, and Chin Khoanh slope. In addition, visitors can admire the fields of buckwheat or mustard flowers spread along Highway 4C and on the roads to Dong Van, Meo Vac, Yen Minh...

The temperature in many places in Ha Giang can drop below minus C. In some villages, frost and snow appear - rare phenomena.

Growing up in the South, where there is no winter, Nhu Nhien (26 years old, HCMC) spent 3 days and 2 nights in early December to experience the feeling of wearing thick layers and still breathing out the smoke in Ha Giang. "Now that I've left Ha Giang, I still can't forget the typical cold of this place," Nhien said.

Nguyen Duc Tu (23 years old, Phu Tho) even spent 3 months to experience life here. According to Tu, when it comes to winter in Ha Giang, people often think of the image of people sitting around a red fire to warm up, chat, enjoy corn wine or local delicacies.

Ha Giang has a rich cuisine with five-color sticky rice, Thang Co, black chicken hot pot, buckwheat cake, and sour noodle soup. But with Tu, two dishes that tourists must eat in the winter are porridge au Tau and Thang Dan . These are two dishes that indigenous people often eat to increase body temperature and help fight the harsh cold of the North Pole.

Ha Giang is famous as a tourist land with many natural wonders such as Ma Pi Leng Pass - one of the four great peaks of Vietnam's mountain pass, Tu San Canyon - "the first majestic landscape", Nho Que river recognized by the Ministry of Culture. Honored by Sports and Tourism as one of the unique tectonic valleys in Vietnam in 2009, Dong Van Karst Plateau was recognized by UNESCO as a "global geopark" in 2010 or a scenic landscape. Hoang Su Phi ladder.

Ha Giang also owns many historical relics and cultural heritages recognized by the State such as Lung Cu flagpole, Vuong's mansion, Nam Dan ancient stone beach, Thien Huong ancient village, Lo Lo Chai village - places still preserve the ancient house architecture, yin and yang tile roofs; Yoga; Nam Dam; Lao Xa, Pho Bang town, Dong Van old town...

Mr. Tran Van Quy (29 years old, Hai Phong), Director of Bui Xuyen Viet Experience Travel Service Company, has been working in Ha Giang since 2017, said that tourists need to find out in advance about the schedule, the way, choose convenient destinations for travel because Ha Giang has many tourist attractions spread within a radius of about 300 km. At the same time, in the winter, visitors need to prepare clothes and items to keep their body warm such as gloves, scarves, thermal vests, and thermal patches. Guests should book accommodation in advance, as overcrowding may occur in winter in Ha Giang.

"Ha Giang is a place you will feel lacking if you come only once, because the landscape changes with the seasons and more and more new unspoiled tourist attractions are discovered. You should come to Ha Giang for the remaining three seasons to fully feel the beauty of nature and the lives of the people here," Quy added.



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