“Our destination is not a land, but a new way of looking at it”, that is a good quote about travel by American writer Henry Miller. Surely when writing these words, the author was aware of the role of traveling, discovering new lands and places.

“Vietnam - endless beauty” is the best slogan about Vietnam tourism for many years. A saying to cover and clearly reflect the natural resources of the S-shaped land. With the aim of turning tourism into a spearhead economic sector, with strong development strategies, over the years, Vietnam's tourism has made remarkable progress.

Along with that, the trend of discovering tourism is increasingly popular among young people in Vietnam and the world. Many excellent authors, writers, journalists and writers also have a deep interest in the tourism industry. Therefore, they need to have playgrounds to share tourism knowledge, skills and experiences. For that purpose, the writing contest "Vietnam - Endless Beauty" was born. Arousing a passion for tourism to discover nature is to arouse patriotism, national spirit, and attachment to the homeland.


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